An unexhaustive, but entirely idiosyncratic index of the equine-related materials that inspired DEEP HORSE TEXTS (2018-2022). Click here to go back.
URL Category Keywords
ARCHIVE "Hippography: A collection of vintage photographs of horses and ponies"
ARCHIVE Scott Greene, Reno Gay Rodeo, photographs
ARCHIVE Glenbow, Canadian Girls' Rodeo Association fonds
ARCHIVE Calgary Stampede
ARCHIVE Texas Prison Rodeo, abolition now
ARCHIVE University of Washington Archives, American Indians of the Pacific Northwest, Chelan Indians
ARCHIVE Cowboy Frank’s Deep Web Rodeo Photos, Gay Rodeo, Frank Harrell
ARCHIVE University of Calgary/Glenbow Archives, John Ware, Spencer Lewis
ART Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, mares
ART Hanne Tyrmi, "Horses Die Standing"
ART Sunny A. Smith, "Hobby Horse"
ART Paige Gratland, Sam McWilliams, "The Gay State Boot"
ART Matthew Buckingham, "Image of Absalon to Be Projected Until it Vanishes"
ART Jen Weih, "This is not a talk about horses", artist talk
ART Moyra Davey, "Two Hot Horses", artist talk
ART Moyra Davey, Peter Hujar, photography
ART Rose English, "Quadrille", performance
ART Rosa Bonheur, "The Horse Fair"
ART Mohamed Bourouissa, "Horse Day", video
ART Cornelia Wyngaarden, "As a Wife Has a Cow", lesbian rancher, video
ART Whit Deschner
ART PeeWee Herman, Herb Ritts, Paul Reubens, photography
ART Kehinde Wiley, "Rumors of War", sculpture
ART Lacie Burning, "Blockade Rider", photography
ART Hans Haacke, "Gift Horse", sculpture
ART Elmgreen & Dragset, "Powerless Structures Fig. 101"
ART Allison Hrabluik, "STAMPEDE", video
ART Adrian Stimson, "First Nations Stampede: A Guide to First Nations History at the Calgary Stampede", mapping, drawing
ART Ronnie Tessler, photographer, BC Rodeo
ART Megan Sullivan, "Die Hunterklasse: Praxistipps für Reiter, Trainer und Veranstalter", artist book
ART Charlotte Dumas, "Work Horse", artist book
ART Rajni Perera, "A Starry-eyed Subspecies"
ART Moyra Davey, "Horse Opera", video
ART Charles Ray, "Two Horses"
ART Teresa Margolles, "Carousel"
ART Jonathan Baldock, horse sculpture
ART Marino Marini, "Horse and Rider"
ART Jannis Kounellis, "Untitled (12 Horses)"
ART oualie frost & Clare Chasse, "Deep Horse Interruptions", video
ART David Kang, "How to Feed a Piano", performance
ART Dani ReStack & Jared Buckheister, "Hard as Opal", video
BOOKS Vinciane Despret, "What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions?", theory
BOOKS Donna J. Haraway, "Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene", theory
BOOKS Amy Bonnaffons, "Horse", reading
BOOKS Amy Bonnaffons, "Horse", short story
BOOKS Temple Grandin, "Animals in Translation", theory
BOOKS Halimah Marcus ed., "Horse Girls- Recovering, Aspiring, and Devoted Riders Redefine the Iconic Bond", non-fiction
BOOKS Walter Thompson-Hernández, "The Compton Cowboys- The New Generation of Cowboys in America's Urban Heartland", non-fiction
BOOKS Laura Hillenbrand, "Seabiscuit: An American Legend", racing, fiction
BOOKS Eileen Myles, "Inferno", Seabiscuit
BOOKS Gary Indiana, "Horse Crazy", AIDS
BOOKS Kimberly A. Williams, "Stampede: Misogyny, White Supremacy, and Settler Colonialism", theory
BOOKS Charles Bukowski, "The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses", poem
BOOKS Anna Sewell, "Black Beauty"
BOOKS Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, "The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois", pg. 685
BOOKS Eileen Myles, "EVEN EILEEN CAN WRITE A NOVEL", Seabiscuit, Front Porch Journal
BOOKS Disa Wallander, "Becoming Horses", cartoon
BOOKS Lawrence Scanlan, "The Horse God Built", Secretariat
BOOKS Julietta Singh, "The Breaks"
BOOKS John Hartigan Jr., "Shaving the Beasts- Wild Horse and Ritual in Spain", University of Minnesota Press
FASHION Beyoncé, Ivy Park, ADIDAS
FASHION Prada, horse boy
FASHION Hermès, saddles, leather
FASHION Naomi Goodsir, "Corpus Equus", perfume
FASHION leather, fringe, embroidered patches, Calgary Stampede, rodeo clown
MISC Bronies, My Little Ponies
MISC Morris dancing, hobbyhorse
MISC King Edward VII equestrian statue
MISC John Ware, cowboy, Black Canadian
MISC Farrier, Heather O’Brien
MISC Equidae, horse, zebra
MISC Sable Island Wild Horses, Hakai Magazine, Moira Donovan
MISC C.K.G. Billings' Horseback Dinner, March 28th 1903, New York City
MISC Pack Horse Library Project, WPA, paddlesack librarians
MISC Lascaux Cave Paintings
MISC Eileen Myles, horses
MUSIC Dirty Three, "Horse Stories", album
MUSIC Patti Smith, "Horses", album
MUSIC Tina Turner, "The Best", video
MUSIC Beach House, "WISHES", video
MUSIC Pater, Paul & Mary, "Stewball", song
MUSIC Megan Thee Stallion
MUSIC The Stone Poneys, Linda Ronstadt
MUSIC "A Horse with No Name", America
MUSIC "Goodbye Horses", Q Lazzarus
MUSIC "King of a One Horse Town", Dan Auerbach
MUSIC "I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!"", CMAT
MUSIC Horsegirl
NEWS Doctor Peyo, The Guardian, cancer
NEWS horseback riding, goat, friendship, CBC
NEWS Black Lives Matter, Toronto, King Edward VII, Kildare, Canadian Art
NEWS monuments, New Yorker
NEWS horse racing, New Yorker
NEWS horses, self-recognition, New Scientist
NEWS wild horses, Mustangs, New York Times
NEWS Yvette Running Horse Collin, University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Indigenous Studies, Indian Country Today
NEWS Corleigh Powderface, American Paint Horses, Stoney Nakoda First Nation, CBC
NEWS Looking Back to Look Forward, Black Prairies, CBC
OBJECTS rose blanket, gravestone
OBJECTS hobbyhorse, folklore
OBJECTS folklore
OBJECTS horse hair, ponytail
OBJECTS miniatures, model horses
OBJECTS rosettes, ribbon
OBJECTS manes, tails, ribbon
OBJECTS browband, ribbon
OBJECTS hooves, Clip Cloppers
OBJECTS estate sale, Equestrienne Estate Sale in Arcadia, tack
OBJECTS Trojan Horse, Greek mythology
ORGS Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, North Philadelphia, Ellis Ferrell, riding
ORGS Compton Cowboys, Compton, riding
ORGS Calgary Stampede, rodeo
ORGS Canadian Rockies Gay Rodeo Association
ORGS International Gay Rodeo Association
ORGS Gay and Lesbian Rodeo Heritage Foundation
ORGS Sacred Way Sanctuary, Indigenous Native American horses
ORGS The Horse Hospital, arts venue, purspose-built stable
ORGS The Black Cowboy Museum, Texas
SPORT Nikola Jokic, racehorse chariot, NBA
SPORT hobbyhorse, girlhood, teens, Finland
TV & FILM Paige Gratland, Sam McWilliams, "BOOTWMN", Deana McGuffin, cowboy boots, documentary
TV & FILM "Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken", movie
TV & FILM "Black Rodeo", rodeo, black rodeo, Muhammad Ali, documentary
TV & FILM John Ware, "John Ware Reclaimed", Cheryl Foggo, black cowboy, documentary
TV & FILM Father Ted, "My Lovely Horse", television
TV & FILM BoJack Horseman, animation, Lisa Hanawalt, horses, television
TV & FILM "Baskets", rodeo, television
TV & FILM The Simpsons, "Lisa’s Pony", Lisa Simpson, S3. E8, television
TV & FILM Bob’s Burgers, "The Equestranauts", Tina Belcher, S4. E17, television
TV & FILM "Phar Lap", movie
TV & FILM "The Mustang", equine rehabilitation, movie
TV & FILM "GODLESS", television
TV & FILM "Equus", movie
TV & FILM "Testament of Orpheus", Jean Cocteau, horseman
TV & FILM "NOPE", Jordan Peele, movie
TV & FILM "The Rider", Chloé Zhao, Brady Jandreau, movie
VIDEO GAMES motion capture, horse
VIDEO GAMES "Star Stable"
VIDEO GAMES Animal Crossing New Horizons, horses
VIDEO GAMES "Red Dead Redemption 2", How To Turn Red Dead Into The Best Horse Game!