DEEP HORSE TEXTS is a project about horses and the affinities humans have with horses, no matter their proximity to them. These affinities are varied and amorphous, expanding, contracting, and releasing, like lungs and pores. In DEEP HORSE TEXTS you will find sweaty, tender, revisionist, political, and kinky (wait, did I already say tender?) ways of being with, on, and alongside horses.

A deep thank you to all the text contributors and DEEP HORSE ENCOUNTERERS, for trusting my pitch and going deep into your own equine reserve. DEEP HORSE TEXTS is just a title without you.

Thank you Natasha Chaykowski for inviting me to be the inaugural AND unofficial Stampede Artist in Residence, and for your deep horse commitment to the project during your tenure as artistic director at The Bows. Thank you also to Kaylee Maciejko, you are the deep horse throughline, and Erin F. Chan for production assistance.

DEEP HORSE TEXTS is an iterative project that has benefited from feedback, engagement, and anecdotes provided by the finest people I know. Thank you: Logan MacDonald, Vanessa Kwan, Paige Gratland, Anita Rochon, Michelle Sterling (did you know that it was during a conversation with Michelle that I first said the words DEEP HORSE TEXTS?!!), Reed H. Reed, Alysha Seriani, Aleesa Cohene, Jules Gaffney, Kibitz Cohene, Susan Gibb, Cornelia Wyngaarden, Pablo de Ocampo, Lindsey Freeman, and to the ever-patient, Quarter Horse of my dreams, Cait McKinney and our tiny feral stallion, Regie Concordia.

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